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Event: Smith Mountain Lake Expo

Join our Mid-Atlantic division (Lake Services LLC) at the Smith Mountain Lake Business Expo at the EastLake Community Church located at 1201 Timberwood Ln, Moneta, VA.

New Location: Florida

Boat enthusiasts can now find our boat lift covers in Marco Island, Florida. Dealers and sales representatives for SlipSki in Marco Island, Florida.

Jet Ski Winter Maintenance Tips & Storage

As winter descends and waters across the United States begin to freeze, responsible jet ski owners are turning their attention to the crucial task of winterizing their watercraft. With the exhilarating days of hauling ass across behind us, the onset of winter demands a meticulous approach to your jet skis maintenance.

Which boat storage method is right for you?

The boat storage methods listed below are what we typically see in the boating community. Whether it’s your small lake community, you live in the middle of a big city, or are looking at a spot on the waterfront. The options below are more than adequate for most recreational boat owners.

How to keep birds off your boat and dock.

Birds can be problematic when it comes to maintaining your boat, boat lift, dock, and your boat lift cover. When these birds “leave their mark”, it’s more of a nuisance but can present actual damage to your watercraft and dock. Keeping birds off your boat and dock can require a combo of preventative measures, including covers and proper lift maintenance.

New SlipSki Locations

SlipSki is expanding to the East Coast! In an effort to bring you our AMERICAN MADE boat lift covers at a lower cost, SlipSki is expanding its operations to the Eastern reaches of the United States. You can now find dealers and sales representatives for SlipSki in Marco Island, Florida and Moneta, Virginia. 

Signs you need to replace your boat lift canopy cover

Your boat lift canopy is the first line of defense for protecting your boat from the elements. Keeping it in good, clean condition is important in ensuring that your boat stays properly protected. Boat lift canopies are designed to protect your watercraft and limit costly cosmetics and, in some cases, electrical and mechanical repairs.

New Product Option: Dorado & Dorado SS Kayak Rack

SlipSki is proud to announce the latest option for Dorado and Dorado SS Cover owners. The all new Dorado Kayak Rack. Designed to work specifically with The Dorado model boat lift canopies. SlipSki Solutions is now offering our Kayak Rack as an optional addition to any Dorado or Dorado SS Cover.

Benefits of owning a boat canopy.

Even when hurricane season is over, your boat still needs protection from mother nature, and the best way to protect it from the elements is with a boat canopy. To keep your watercraft protected year round, we suggest a heavy duty boat canopy as they offer the best, and most effortless boat protection. Below we’ve listed a few reasons why boat lift canopies are essential in keeping your boat protected as best as possible.

Things to consider when buying a boat lift canopy.

Tired of the hassle of having to cover and uncover your boat while it’s on a lift? In the market for a boat lift canopy? Boat lift canopies offer excellent year-round protection from harmful UV rays and other elements mother nature throws at you. Boat lift covers will also keep your boat looking new and pristine throughout the year while protecting your assets and helping to maintain its resale value.

Top reasons a custom boat cover is worth the investment.

High quality covers are essential when protecting your valuable boat. Off the shelf boat covers do provide some protection, but typically fall short in both fit, function and durability. Because of this, custom boat covers are ideal for overall effectiveness and ease of use. Below we’ve outlined some of the top reasons that people choose custom boat dock covers and why.

Boat Lift Covers For The Florida Gulf Coast

SlipSki's boat dock covers is the perfect addition to any gulf coast boat dock who's owner is looking for a lifetime of effortless boating. Designed to protect your investment from mother nature, we've got a solution for just about every personal watercraft you'll find in Florida. From skiffs and offshore center console boats to wakeboard boats and cabin cruisers, SlipSki has a boat dock cover to keep you protected.

Kayak, SUP, And Canoe Protection

Much like boats, jet skis, skiffs and other motorized watercraft. Self-propelled watercraft like kayaks, SUP boards, and canoes need protection too. From harmful UV rays that can cause fading and cracks to inclement weather that can wreak havoc on kayaks, keeping your expensive self-propelled watercraft covered is important.

Why you need a fish cleaning station for your boat dock

With as much time as hobbyist fishermen and fishing guides spend on their boat docks cleaning fish, having a dock mounted fish cleaning station just makes sense. A sure fire way to help you stay organized and keep your dock clean, these fish cleaning and bait stations are great for anyone who spends a significant amount of time pursuing their passion for fishing.

Boat Dock Cover Material & Maintenance

HarborTime® Edge is a water-repellent, mildew resistant two-ply polyester duck fabric with pigmented hybrid vinyl resin top coating. Proper maintenance is important to achieve maximum years of enjoyable use. Routine care is quite simple, but certain procedures are recommended.

Easy To Use, Retractable Boat Lift Canopy

SlipSki prides itself on a quality product that will not only last a lifetime (We have a warranty for that), but allows for an effortless boating experience. We want you to pull up to the dock and be ready to go. No more uncovering boats, no more getting the cushions out of storage.

Winter boat storage and maintenance tips

Keeping your boat covered year-round is a must let alone in the wintertime. People, especially in warmer climates don’t tend to put much thought into winter boat storage as temps rarely dip below freezing. Proper winter storage and winterization of your boat can help to ensure that come spring or summer it will be running as good as when you originally stored it.

How To Winterize A Boat

Unfortunately for die-hard boaters, Summer has come and gone and with fall upon us, you should start thinking about winterizing and protecting your boat. The process of winterizing your boat is known well to all boaters, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dreaded chore year after year. While our custom boat dock covers will protect the outside of your boat and motor from mother nature’s cruel elements.

SlipSki Solutions Boat Dock Cover Reviews




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