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Things to consider when buying a boat lift canopy.

Tired of the hassle of having to cover and uncover your boat while it’s on a lift? In the market for a boat lift canopy? Boat lift canopies offer excellent year-round protection from harmful UV rays and other elements mother nature throws at you. Boat lift covers will also keep your boat looking new and pristine throughout the year while protecting your assets and helping to maintain its resale value. So, if you’re in the market for a new boat lift canopy, consider the following before purchasing to make sure you get the best cover for you and one that you’re happy with.

Consider the following when purchasing a boat lift cover.

  • The size of your boat, the lift.
  • The type of dock that you have.
  • Choose a color that you’re happy with and that matches or go neutral.
  • A warranty is a must have.
  • DIY installation or manufacturer installation.

Consider the size of your boat lift and dock.

For optimal protection you need to cover your boat lift with a canopy that is the correct size. Without the proper size cover, you may be leaving parts of your watercraft exposed to nature’s elements. You are going to need to measure the size of your boat, lift, and dock to get the correct sizing for the best protection possible.

SlipSki offers custom sizes for just about any dock and lift you should have something that isn’t standard. Just give us a call.

The type of dock you have may limit your options.

The type of boat dock you have is going to dictate your boat lift cover options. Boaters with a normal, or double sided boat dock will have just about every option available to them, where as single sided and L-Shaped dock owners are often quite limited. Lucky for them though, we’ve got the answer.

Covers for double-sided boat docks.

Covers for single-sided boat docks.

Get the aesthetics you want.

Boat lift canopies come in various colors and styles. You can choose one that complements your boat, lift, dock, or waterfront property. SlipSki offers a variety of durable covers that come in various colors so you can find the perfect match for your setup. You can view our available colors here.

 Boat lift canopy warranty.

The warranty is arguably one of the most important factors when purchasing your boat lift cover. These covers are expensive, and you want to make sure that your assets are protected, and you’ve got a cover that will last. SlipSki Solutions offers a limited lifetime warranty on all covers for boat lifts. You can see more information on our boat lift cover warranty here.

DIY installation or manufacturer install.

SlipSki has designed our boat lift covers so that you can easily install them yourself. DIY installs do not void the warranty, and you can see videos on how to install the covers here. We also offer a manufacturer installation which can be accommodated no matter what state or body of water your boat lift is on. Just give us a call to set up the installation and go over installation pricing.

SlipSki Solutions boat lift covers you can rest assured that your boat and lift will be protected from mother nature’s harsh elements, and with our limited lifetime warranty know that you’ve got a long-lasting product.

If you have any questions about our custom boat lift canopies or other watercraft covers please give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss your boat protection needs.

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