SlipSki custom boat dock cover reviews and customer service. . .

Our aluminum boat dock covers are MADE IN THE USA and have heat-welded seams for superior durability and performance. Check out our custom boat dock cover reviews below to see why people choose SlipSki for all their watercraft protection needs.

People are loving their SlipSki boat dock covers. . .

“I would like to commend SlipSki about their unique engineering design and ability to deliver this design for my boat garage.

We bought our home on Lake Conroe a few years ago in an HOA with very strict rules concerning the style of our boat covers allowed in the neighborhood. Since we moved in, my wife has wished for a boat cover that completely enclosed all sides of the boat. Making this design even more challenging was the difference in height between the port and starboard sides of the dock. From my first call to Conrad with SlipSki, he was sure they could deliver a product that would meet our request within the HOA guidelines. Shortly after we agreed to go ahead with their proposal, they sent a design for our review. A few weeks later, they came to our home and installed an excellent looking product that was exactly what was promised.”

I first saw the dock cover earlier this year at the boat show in Houston. We had just lost our boat, dock, and the cover in a Hurricane. It was not the first cover to blow away, and I was looking for something more substantial. I got them to make a cover for our dock, and it was far superior to anything I had in the past. It was more expensive, about twice the price of the tubular covers, but it was worth every cent. This is a family run business and you are dealing with the owner, Ed. I can’t say enough good things about Slipski.

After the last hurricane I thought that there had to be a better solution to boat covers than the tent pole rickety half moon covers that seem to be the old standard. They had a short life span and were hard to open and close with one person due to the washers getting stuck in the inverted C channel base. Fortunately in my search I came across SlipSki Solutions. They brought out a working model on a trailer to my home for me to look at. The first thing I noticed was the square tube aluminum frame with welded joints; a far superior structure to the tent poles. Then the one person ease with which the cover could be moved was amazing. The entire top cover moves back and forth on good sized wheels. This was a totally new design, not just a model upgrade from the old standard. I was sure this would survive any storm and its higher profile was helpful to be able to enter and work on the boat while on boat lift. It is really a custom job. You can select from several color of tarp covers. Also you don’t have just poly rope that breaks down in the sun, holding the tarp cover on. SlipSki uses high quality elastic fasteners. I have a large pontoon boat at my dock on Lake Conroe. One of the options you can get that I selected was both front and back enclosures so you literally have your boat completely protected from the elements almost like an enclosed boat house. I personally hang about three NoPest strips in there and it keeps the wasps and muddobbers out. Everything about this cover is high quality so you should and will expect to pay more but it is worth it in my opinion. The SlipSki folks are very friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this product. It will be the last boat cover I will ever have to buy. Thanks.