Winter boat storage and maintenance tips.

Keeping your boat covered year-round is a must let alone in the wintertime. People, especially in warmer climates don’t tend to put much thought into winter boat storage as temps rarely dip below freezing. Proper winter storage and winterization of your boat can help to ensure that come spring or summer it will be running as good as when you originally stored it.

Types of winter storage.

Maintenance tips.

The Gull Wing | SlipSki Boat Dock Covers

Types of winter boat storage.

Depending on where you live, and how harsh your winters can be will be one of the main factors in determining what type of winter boat storage you need. The various types of storage offer different benefits and one may work better than the other in your situation.

Dock mounted boat covers for winter storage.

The Gull Wing | SlipSki Boat Dock Covers

Made of marine-grade aluminum and designed to cover all sides of your boat, boat dock covers allow for easy access. In addition to the marine-grade aluminum structure of some boat dock mounted covers, the tarps used with these covers are made from UV resistant material to withstand weathering and the tarp tension system ensures the tarp will stay tight with no wrinkles.

Traditional, metal storage building for boats.

Metal Boat Storage For Winterizing Your Boat | SlipSki Solutions

Indoor storage units for boats are the safest, most secure option for any watercraft when it can’t be stored at your residence or protected marina. However, because of that, they are also the most expensive. Depending on your storage needs, and also if you have a lot of other boating gear you need to store, this could be your best option.

Reasons to get a metal storage unit for your boat during the winter.

  • Makes it easier to store boating gear: Wakeboards, Water Skis, Fishing Gear, Life Jackets, Ropes, Battery Tenders and more.
  • 360 degree coverage of your boat.
  • Usually come with the power which makes keeping your battery charged easier.
How To Winterize A Boat | SlipSki Solutions

Winter boat maintenance for storage.

The process of winterizing your boat is known well to all boaters, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dreaded chore year after year. While our custom boat dock covers will protect the outside of your boat and motor from mother nature’s cruel elements, they don’t protect the internals of your boat’s engine from the freezing temps and months of just sitting with no use.

Treating your interior and mechanical components to a little maintenance and attention will keep your boat looking new for years along with preventing some costly boat repairs. The steps below will show you how to winterize a boat so it is running good come spring boating season.

Steps for winterizing your boat for storage.

Winterizing your boat includes simple engine maintenance. All of the engine oils should be replaced in the fall. Not doing so will allow acids and particles to accumulate and settle, making for sludgy oil that will cause problems the next spring.

  • Winterizing Your Boats Fuel System
  • Cover Your Boat For Winter Storage
  • Winterizing Your Boats Bilge Pumps

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