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Boat storage methods and which one is right for you.

Something every boat owner is faced with. Which boat storage method is right for me? Answers will vary from owner to owner and that will be due to a couple of different factors.

Questions to ask yourself when thinking about the best boat storage method for your situation.

  • Do you live on the water?
  • What is your budget?
  • What type of cover would you like?
  • Should I get a boat lift?
  • Do I want to trailer every time I use my boat?

Popular boat storage methods.

The boat storage methods listed below are what we typically see in the boating community. Whether it’s your small lake community, you live in the middle of a big city, or are looking at a spot on the waterfront. The options below are more than adequate for most recreational boat owners.

Metal Building Storage Units.

Boat owners looking for an affordable covered boat storage solution will want to check out metal building storage units made specifically for boat owners. Lots of smaller lake communities will have a couple of smaller storage facilities that cater to boat owners with various-sized vessels.

These storage units, while not climate-controlled and usually with a gravel base, typically offer electric hookups for fridges, battery chargers, and other necessities to improve your boating experience.

Drawbacks to metal storage units for boat storage.

  • You are normally not on the water and have to drive to the boat ramp.
  • Theft can be common at these facilities.
  • Monthly costs associated with them can be affordable compared to slips, but still rather expensive.

These boat storage units can be had for around $80 – $250 / month depending on the location.

Boat Storage Methods: Outdoor Boat Storage

Boat Cover In Uncovered Storage.

The bare bones… You’re not looking to spend a lot of money, want easy access, and don’t mind driving. You are probably on your 4th boat cover by now due to sun rot, but it’s okay because it only costs a few hundred bucks, and you’ll just replace it next year.

This boat storage method is no different than parking it in your side yard, some boat owners just don’t have one. So, they are forced to find somewhere to store their boat, and this is the most affordable method of boat storage with generally easy access.

Drawbacks to open boat storage units.

  • Not always close to the water.
  • Monthly costs.
  • Usually no electricity for battery charging, etc.
  • Very susceptible to theft and vandalism.
  • Fully exposed to weather.
  • Fully exposed to UV rays which usually end up with multiple cover replacements.
  • Leaves trailer tires exposed to sun rot.
  • Leaves paint and metals exposed to elements making it susceptible to paint fade and rust.

These boat storage units can be had for around $25 – $150 / month depending on the location.

Boat Dock Cover Material & Maintenance

Boat Dock With Lift.

The holy grail of boat storage and what almost every boat owner dreams of… Having a boat dock with a lift that you can walk up to and go to is the ultimate dream boating setup. Whether it’s a boat slip at a local marina, or your own private boat dock, boat lifts are the most ideal way to store your boat.

Boat lifts offer owners ease of use, protect from hull damage, and make your boating experience a lot easier. Add a boat lift cover to your private dock or boat slip and you’ve got the ultimate boat storage setup for ease of use and protection.

These boat lift covers offer 360 degrees of protection and can be mounted to wooden, metal, and piers making them extremely versatile systems. If you’ve got the coin and want the best coverage for your boat with the easiest form of use. A boat lift with a cover is your go-to.

Benefits of boat lifts and covers for storage.

  • Keeps your boat clean so you can show up and go boating.
  • Offers 360 degrees of protection.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Keeps boat hull out of the water.
  • Keeps boat protected from harmful UV rays.

Downsides to boat lifts with covers.

  • Require that you have a boat slip, JetDock, or private boat dock to mount.
  • More expensive than other storage options.

This method of boat storage can range in price from $500 up to $10,000’s.

Every boat owner’s situation is different. Whether that’s the disposable income available to be spent on your hobby, or the amount of use leans more toward the holiday weekend-only type. There is a storage option that is more than adequate to fill your needs.

If you have a boat lift and are interested in getting it covered, check out the photos of our various cover models here or contact us here with any questions or find a location nearest to you here.

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