Dorado Boat Lift Canopy With Kayak Rack Mount

New Product Option: Dorado & Dorado SS Kayak Racks

SlipSki is proud to announce the latest option for Dorado and Dorado SS Cover owners. The all new Dorado Kayak Rack. Designed to work specifically with The Dorado model boat lift canopiesSlipSki Solutions is now offering our Kayak Rack as an optional addition to any Dorado or Dorado SS Cover. Similar in design to our standalone Kayak Racks, we are now offering them as a side mount option that will fit your new or existing Dorado Cover. The best part about the Dorado Kayak Racks? They save dock space over the standalone version, offer great protection with excellent storage for kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards.

Benefits of Kayak Rack mounted to your existing boat lift cover.

  • Save space over it’s standalone version.
  • Keep your valuable kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards off the ground and protected.
  • Keep critters from crawling, or slithering into your kayaks.
  • Save money over the standalone version.
  • Great Asset For Kayak Rental Businesses.
  • Keep water and debris out of the hulls.

If you have any questions about The Dorado or the latest Dorado Kayak Rack option, contact SlipSki today to at one of our locations in Texas, Florida, or the Mid-Atlantic region to request a quote.

Dorado Boat Lift Canopy With Kayak Rack Mount
SlipSki Dorado Kayak Rack Attachment
SlipSki Dorado Kayak Rack Attachment
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