Benefits of owning a boat canopy.

Benefits of owning a boat canopy.

Even when hurricane season is over, your boat still needs protection from mother nature, and the best way to protect it from the elements is with a boat canopy. To keep your watercraft protected year round, we suggest a heavy duty boat canopy as they offer the best, and most effortless boat protection. Below we’ve listed a few reasons why boat lift canopies are essential in keeping your boat protected as best as possible.

Boat canopies can be custom made to your dock.

SlipSki offers custom made boat canopies that are designed to fit your specific needs. We offer 4 different boat canopy models along with custom JetDock Covers, JetSki, and Kayak Canopies for all sized boat docks.

SlipSki Boat Canopy Models

The Boat Garage: The original SlipSki cover, the Boat Garage offers the most coverage for your boat.

The Dorado: Our most popular design, the Dorado canopy cover offers boat dock owners great protection with an open design.

The Dorado SS: Using a similar design to the Dorado, the Dorado SS model is custom made to your one-sided or “L” shaped boat dock.

The Mini SS: This cover is designed to be used for JetSki’s and JetSki lift canopies.

JetDock Cover: The JetDock Dorado utilizes a similar design to our most popular boat canopy, The Dorado, but is designed to be mounted to any JetDock.

Kayak Racks: Mounted to your existing dock, the SlipSki Kayak Rack offers the same great protection for all of your self-propelled watercraft like kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards.

Boat canopies offer great UV ray protection.

Boat canopies from SlipSki offer ample protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our covers will keep the sun off of your valuable boat and help ensure that your paint, gelcoat, and upholstery last, helping to retain your boat’s value for a long time.

Our boat canopies are wind resistant.

Our boat canopies are installed all over the United States. From Northern Idaho down to Texas and across the gulf coast to Florida, customers trust SlipSki boat canopies for protection. Our wind resistant frames, paired with our heavy duty and removable covers, allow our canopies to withstand high winds of more than 75 miles per hour.

Effortless boating with a boat canopy.

Enjoy an effortless boating experience with SlipSki boat canopies. Designed so you can “show up and boat”. With our boat canopy, there is no need to remove a boat or engine covers that are sun damaged, holding water, or even ripped from the wind. Our covers offer year-round protection that allow you to show up with your family and friends, hop on your boat and go.

SlipSki boat canopies outperform the rest.

SlipSki’s boat canopy covers simply outperform our competition. Made In America, our one-of-a-kind boat canopies are designed using an all-aluminum frame, stainless steel, marine grade vinyl covers, with rust proof components to ensure the best quality boat canopy on the market.

If you have questions about any of our boat dock canopy models, contact SlipSki today to at one of our locations in Texas, Florida, or the Mid-Atlantic region to request a quote.

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