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How To Winterize A Boat For Optimal Performance

Unfortunately for die-hard boaters, Summer has come and gone and with fall upon us, you should start thinking about winterizing and protecting your boat. The process of winterizing your boat is known well to all boaters, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dreaded chore year after year. While our custom boat dock covers will protect the outside of your boat and motor from mother nature’s cruel elements, they don’t protect the internals of your boat’s engine from the freezing temps and months of just sitting with no use. Treating your interior and mechanical components to a little maintenance and attention will keep your boat looking new for years along with preventing some costly boat repairs. The steps below will show you how to winterize a boat so it is running good come spring boating season.

Steps For How To Winterize A Boat

Boat Engine Maintenance For Winterization

Winterizing your boat includes simple engine maintenance. All of the engines oils should be replaced in the fall. Not doing so will allow acids and particles to accumulate and settle, making for sludgy oil that will cause problems the next spring.

Boat engines that are water-cooled should be flushed completely. These boats require special hose connectors that can be purchased to create a steady stream of water passing through the engine while it is running. Flush the engine until the normal engine operating temperature is reached. Once the Engine is flushed you need to make sure to run marine antifreeze through the system until all of the water is removed. Doing this will ensure that you do not have any freezing issues which can crack engine blocks, intakes, cylinder heads, and lower units.

Winterizing Your Boats Fuel System

A boat’s fuel system requires specific attention. The vast majority of people don’t realize that your boat’s gas goes bad, and can do so in as little as 30 days’ time. Filling your boat’s tank with fresh gas and a fuel stabilizer will help ensure your boat is running correctly when you go to use it in the coming months.

Cover Your Boat For Winter Storage

Whether it’s on the water at your boat slip, or stored in a boat storage facility out of the water, protecting the outside of your boat is equally as important as protecting your boat engine. Covering your boat completely helps to minimize the intrusion of moisture. A fitted boat cover will do the job, but our boat dock covers work just the same, while still giving you easy access if you decide to take it out for a spin around the lake.
How To Winterize A Boat | SlipSki Solutions

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Winterizing Your Boats Bilge Pumps

When it comes to winterizing your boat, most people forget sure the bilges are clean and dry. You can use soap, hot water and a stiff brush to clean up any oil spills. Once the bilges are clean, spray with a moisture displacing lubricant and add a little antifreeze to prevent any water from freezing.

By simply following some of the above suggestions, your boat will be in good winter shape, and ready for use in the spring. If you haven’t winterized a boat before, don’t hesitate to consult your owner’s manuals for manufacture’s recommendations on winterizing your boat and other systems. If you don’t feel your up to the task, have an experienced friend or professional do the job for you. It will save you thousands in the long run.