Tips For Winterizing A Jet Ski

Jet Ski winter maintenance and storage tips.

As winter descends and waters across the United States begin to freeze, responsible jet ski owners are turning their attention to the crucial task of winterizing their watercraft. With the exhilarating days of hauling ass across behind us, the onset of winter demands a meticulous approach to your jet skis maintenance.

Winter maintenance on jet skis is no big task, but its no small one either. Taking a methodical approach year after year will ensure that your machine performs flawlessly when you ask it to. In this article, we will explore the indispensable steps that will ensure your jet ski remains resilient against winter, no matter what part of the country you are in.

Steps for winterizing your jet ski.

  • Use a fuel stabilizer.
  • Change the oil before putting it up.
  • Flush your jet skis coolant system.
  • Do normal battery maintenance.
  • Add a protective coating.
  • Make sure that your jet ski is dry.
  • Inspect all moving parts and grease them if necessary.
  • Remove and treat spark plugs.
  • Cover and store indoors.

Add a fuel stabilizer to your jet skis gas tank.

Before putting our jet ski away for the winter, its been proven to help by adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. This will help to prevent the fuel from deteriorating and causing issues like clogged fuel lines or funky carburetors.

Manufacturers typically have a recommendation for how much and specific types. If you have an owners manual we suggest you look there.

Change the oil in your jet ski.

Not that it should be neglected anyway, but you should always change the oil before putting your jet ski away for the winter. This is also a good time to make sure that everything is good and you don’t need to do any unexpected winter maintenance. Plus the fresh oil will provide superior protection for the engine and its components during the winter months.

Flush the coolant system in your jet ski for winter.

Freezing temperatures can cause damage to hoses and other cooling system components. You must drain the cooling system completely and replace it with an antifreeze solution for the winter. This is even more important when winter temperatures drop well below freezing regularly. Y’all in Florida are probably alright…

Carry out normal battery storage procedures.

Remove the jet ski’s battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Periodically charge it throughout the winter to maintain its charge. Consider using a battery maintainer to ensure it stays in optimal condition.

Make sure to dry everything out on the jet ski.

You don’t want corrosion, mold, or mildew to form on or inside your jet ski. Make sure to dry out your jet ski thoroughly to avoid these issues. Pay extra attention to the engine compartment, bilge areas, and any nooks where water may collect.

Add a protective coating to your jet ski in the winter.

Apply a protective coating, such as a corrosion inhibitor or silicone spray, to metal surfaces. This helps create a barrier against moisture and prevents rust or corrosion during the winter months.

We highly recommend 303 Marine Products.

Inspect all moving parts.

Check all moving parts, including the steering system and throttle, for any signs of wear or damage. Apply marine-grade grease to pivot points and moving components to keep them lubricated and protected.

Remove and service spark plugs.

When storing your jet ski for the winter it is important to service your engine and spark plugs. Make sure to remove your plugs and spray fogging oil down into the cylinders. This will help coat the engines internal components and help prevent rust.

Once sprayed, replace the spark plugs and crank the engine a few times to help distribute the oil.

Cover your jet ski for winter.

If possible, store your jet ski indoors to shield it from the elements. If indoor storage isn’t available, invest in a high-quality cover that can withstand winter weather. You should ensure the cover is securely fastened to prevent wind damage.

Now. Sit back, relax, and do whatever it is that you do during the winter months in anticipation of spring and summer.

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