Signs you need to replace your boat lift canopy cover

Signs you need to replace your boat lift canopy cover

Your boat lift canopy is the first line of defense for protecting your boat from the elements. Keeping it in good, clean condition is important in ensuring that your boat stays properly protected. Boat lift canopies are designed to protect your watercraft and limit costly cosmetics and, in some cases, electrical and mechanical repairs.

Below we outline the top signs that you need to do some maintenance on your boat lift canopy cover.

Your boat lift cover is fading.

If your boat lift canopies cover is showing signs of fading it is probably time for you to clean or replace the cover.

Dirt and debris on your cover.

If you notice dirt, debris, or other dirty substances on your boat lift canopy that’s a sign that you need to clean it. Leaving this debris can cause damage to your cover over time and in some cases cause performance issues. Some types of debris can rip and tear your cover, rendering it useless in protecting your boat.

Tears in your canopy.

If you notice tears or cracks in your boat lift canopy, it is time to replace it. Small or large openings leave your watercraft exposed to Mother Nature and other elements that can cause damage to your watercraft.

Worn grommets and straps.

Your grommets and bungee straps are what keeps your cover tight. If these become stretched it can have negative effects on your covers performance. Make sure that everything is tight. If bungees become loose, contact us about getting some replacements. Covers should be tight and not flap whatsoever in the wind.

Covers can mold.

Whether your boat dock is on an inland freshwater lake or on a gulf coast dock in Southern Florida, your boat lift canopy will be exposed to mold. If your cover has a bad odor or smell to it, that’s a sign that it needs to be cleaned. Aside from the stench, mold can cause damage to your cover if left unchecked. Limiting the amount of time your cover will last you.

Maintaining your boat lift canopy is imperative to keeping your boat protected and warranty in check. If you need tips on canopy maintenance, you can read an article on it here.

Questions about replacing your cover? Contact SlipSki today to at one of our locations in Texas, Florida, or the Mid-Atlantic region to request a quote.

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