Covering you boat on Lake Conroe

Looking to protect your boat on Lake Conroe? SlipSki has the solution for you! SlipSki Solutions Boat Garage will protect your boat, jetskis and other watercraft from hazardous weather conditions. We have engineered a modular boat dock cover for your Lake Conroe boat slip, made of marine grade aluminum designed to cover all sides of your boat.

Lake Conroe Boat Dock Cover Benefits

  • Save hours of time cleaning your boat
  • No more need for ropes, straps, or snaps
  • Protects your boat increasing your boats resale value
  • Save $1,000’s in boat detailing and re-gel coating your boat
  • Protect your boat from sun damage, weathering, animals, dirt, and bugs

Protect Your Boat On Lake Conroe!

SlipSki offers an alternative to inferior Lake Conroe boat dock covers, as well as expensive boathouses. In addition to our line of boat dock covers, we now offer “The Car Garage” to protect that beautiful ride of yours. If you have personal property or outdoor space you’d like to protect from inclement weather, including hail damage, we have the solution!