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The Gull Wing | SlipSki Boat Dock Covers
The Gull Wing | SlipSki Boat Dock Covers

Boat Slip Covers

Maintain your boat’s value with the ultimate in boat protection with Boat Slip Cover by SlipSki. Designed and built to provide superior coverage and protection, our boat slip cover frames and boat dock canopy covers offer the boating industry’s most versatile system with the easiest installation. SlipSki Boat Slip Covers allow you to tuck your watercraft completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind. In addition to our standard boat slip covers, we also offer a variety of custom boat slip cover alternatives.

Our boat slip covers are MADE IN THE USA and have heat-welded seams for superior durability and performance. SlipSki boat covers come with rustproof brass grommets approximately ever eight inches to stop tears in the cover, are waterproof and UV-treated for longer protection.

SlipSki Boat Slip Covers | Boat Lift Covers

SlipSki Boat Slip Covers are designed and manufactured, in Houston, TX. SlipSki offers an alternative to inferior boat slip covers, as well as expensive boat houses. In addition to our line of boat slip covers, we now offer “The Car Garage” to protect that beautiful ride of yours. If you have personal property or outdoor space you’d like to protect from inclement weather, including hail damage, we have the solution!

Spend more time on the water and less time on the docks with the SlipSki Solutions Boat Dock Cover. The SlipSki Boat Dock Cover gives you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat. SlipSki Boat Dock Covers ensures that you can enjoy their recreation time without any worry or hassle when it comes to protecting your boat, jet ski, skiff or other watercraft and retain its like-new quality.

SlipSki Solutions boat dock covers come equipped with a quick-release system to ensure easy removal of the top during severe weather conditions, SlipSki Solutions Covers have been tested in winds exceeding 70 MPH sustained. This provides safety and convenience in one simple package. All of our SlipSki Boat Lift Covers have high tear and tensile strength, excellent protection against UV, and contain maximum wick resistance.

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SlipSki Boat Dock Covers

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Boat Lift Canopy Cover Benefits

  • Save hours of time cleaning your boat

  • No more need for ropes, straps, or snaps

  • Protects your boat increasing your resale value

  • Save $1,000’s in detailing and re-gelcoating

  • Protects from sun damage, weathering, animals, dirt, and bugs

The SlipSki Boat Lift Canopy Cover is a new and innovative way to cover protect your investment. We have engineered a modular boat slip cover made of marine-grade aluminum. Our covers are designed to cover all sides of your boat and allow easy access.

The SlipSki Solutions Boat Lift Canopy Cover comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty and is a patented design. This means we were willing to go through the extensive patent process to ensure consistent, quality and exceptional design. You will always have our support when it comes to our boat lift cover and vehicle covers.

Contact us today to begin the design of your SlipSki Solutions custom boat lift cover and to see our many options personalized to your specific needs!

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The SlipSki Boat Dock Cover is a new and innovative way to cover protect your investment. We have engineered a modular boat slip cover, made of marine grade aluminum designed to cover all sides of your boat, automotive or RV and allow easy access.. . .


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