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Custom Car Covers & Portable Garages By SlipSki

Top Portable Car Canopy Benefits And Unique Uses For Them

A portable car canopy provides much more than shade and weather protection for your vehicle. These versatile vehicle shelters offer much more than just simple protection for your car and can be used for a variety of purposes outside the general protection of your car, truck or SUV.

Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers | SlipSki Boating Solutions

Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers

Let SlipSki engineer one of our Custom Dock Mounted Boat Covers specifically for your needs! Made of marine grade aluminum designed to cover all sides of your boat, automotive or RV and allow easy access. In addition to the marine grade aluminum structure of our boat dock mounted covers, our tarps are made from UV resistant material to withstand weathering and the tarp tension system ensures the tarp will stay tight with no wrinkles.