Boat Lift Covers

Designed and built to provide superior coverage and protection. SlipSki’s boat dock covers offer the boating industry’s most versatile system with the easiest installation. These boat slip covers allow you to tuck your watercraft completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind.

With 3 different models available; The Dorado, The Dorado SS, and the JetDock cover, we’ve got your boat covered.

Boat Lift Cover Benefits

  • Save hours of time cleaning your boat
  • No more need for ropes, straps, or snaps
  • Protects your boat increasing your boats resale value
  • Save $1,000’s in boat detailing and re-gelcoating your boat
  • Protect your boat from sun damage, weathering, animals, dirt, and bugs

All SlipSki watercraft protection products come with a limited lifetime warranty and is patent pending. This means we are willing to go through an extensive process, spending time and money, to ensure the people we trust are the ones taking care of our customers.

You will always have our support when it comes to the our boat lift cover and vehicle covers.